EKOprop NX


Mycorrhizae 1%

Rhizobacteria (Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., Streptomyces spp.) 2,3 x 105 CFU/g

Fungi (Arthrobothrys, Paecilomyces, Monacrosporium, Myrothecium) 1,0 x 106 CFU/g

Trichoderma (Trichoderma spp.) 5,0 x 105 CFU/g

Technical Features

Mix of microorganisms for roots applications in stressed soils

EKOprop® NX is a fertilizer based on a mix of different microorganisms, suitable to enrich those soils depleted from their natural microbiota and highly stresses by nematodes, and to stimulate physical and biochemical tolerance mechanisms in the plants. Arbuscular mycorrhizae create a physical barrier inside roots cortex and in soil, which enables a better nutrient uptake and a higher general plants’ health. Rhizobacteria such as Bacillus, Streptomyces and Pseudomonas, induce a cellular proliferation in the exoderm that reduces damages caused by nematodes’ stylet, and boost plants natural defense processes such as callose and lignin deposition. The bio-stimulant action of mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria, promoting secondary roots growth and whole root system extension, reduces the damages caused by galls and by the suction stylets, making the plants tolerant to standard levels of infections.

EKOprop® NX is a fertilizer that, included in an Integrated Nematodes Management Program, along with soil fumigations, soil solarizations and chemical nematicides, can contribute to keep the infestations levels below the damage threshold, promoting crops’ vigor and productivity as well for all the production cycle.


Vegetables (Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber, Melon, Strawberry, etc.), Ready-to-eat Salads and Vegetables, Sensible crops (Carrots, etc.) or highly infested soils, Turf, Sport fields (Golf, etc.), Tubers and Bulbs.

Application rates

Rate of application: 1-2 kg/ha, depends on crops.

See the label.


Bag - 1 kg

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Wettable powder
Mode of application

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