EKOprop 3S


Mycorrhizae 0,5%

Rhizobacteria (Bacillus spp., Streptomyces spp.) 1 x 106 CFU/g

Trichoderma (Trichoderma spp.) 5 x 105 CFU/g

Technical Features

Mix of microorganisms for roots and foliar applications on orchards and vegetables

EKOprop® 3S is a microbial fertilizer based on Bacillus genus: these bacteria are efficient in mobilizing nutrients, making them available for the plants and promoting a strong bio-stimulant action. EKOprop® 3S is an environmental-friendly product that, applied along with the traditional fertilizers, help to reduce their rates and thus, nitrates content in the crops.

EKOprop® 3S foliar applications on orchards induce a vegetation harmonic development, with darker leaves, and a plant resistance to rots and physiological disorders; applications on vegetables stimulate the vegetation growth, bringing to an intense flowering. EKOprop® 3S roots applications help to increase nutrients assimilation and their mobilization from recalcitrant deposits in soil, thus not easily available for the plants (e.g. Phosphorus and other microelements). Bacillus reduce nitrates accumulation in the vegetal biomass, increasing the crops’ healthiness.


  • Improvement in fertilization efficiency.
  • Reduction in water and salt stresses damages.
  • Increase in photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Increase in plant self-defense mechanisms.


Apple, Pear, Peaches, Apricot, Plum, Cherries, Actinidia, Grape, Vegetables, Cereals, Other extensive crops (Corn, Sorghum, etc.).

Application rates

Rate of application: 1-2 kg/ha, depends on crops.

See the label.


Bag - 1 kg

Type of products Nr. of Registration (Italy)
CLP Classification Formulation


Wettable powder
Mode of application
Foliar application
EKOprop 3S

EKOprop 3S

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